Monday, October 23, 2017

How to Increase HubSpot COS Page Speed...?

Optimized the page to increase the upload speed, and have also made some optimizations to increase the speed of the page in HubSpot COS. So there are some tips we can offer to those who want to increase the speed of their site. Read on!


The speed of the page is defined as the time taken to load a page and display the entire content on a separate page.

Here are the tips to increase the side speed In HubSpot COS:

  •    Minify resources
  •    Optimize images
  •    Reduce Redirection Pages and inquiries
  •    Put CSS at up and JS at down
  •    Use CSS sprites

1. Minify resources (HTML, JS, CSS)

Minify is a programming term that eliminates all unnecessary characters that are not required for code execution. By reducing your code, loading your page is speeded up.

Reducing your code is eliminated:

New line character
Block delimiters

2. Optimize images

High-resolution images increase page size, and the page size is the main factor that contributes to page speed. If we want to increase the speed of the page, we have to work on the size of the page, which we can do by reducing the size of the images, which reduces the loading time of the page.

3. Redirect forwarding and inquiries

URLs should not be redirected and requested because this page increases the loading time. To avoid redirecting and reducing queries, smaller images, links, CSS, and JavaScript classes must be used. All this reduces the demand on the page to load the page faster.

4. Put CSS up and JS down

If you are a HubSpot COS user, note that the page created by the HubSpot COS Development that is linked to the page and the entire CSS code must be inserted into the CSS stylesheet. This will open the file before opening the page.

We use JavaScript for each animation on the page, which increases the loading time. To improve the loading time of the page, we need to place javascript at the end of the page.

5. Use CSS sprites

The CSS sprint is one of the best ways to reduce the page requirements. If we use many images on a page, we should do this in the .png image from which the page is requested for the image. To make fueling, we have given a class of image reduction and a CSS image that expresses this class.

"After you tried all this, the charging time of your customers has fallen by 50%!"

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