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Benefits and Drawbacks of HubSpot COS Development

Are you a professional marketer? Or Are you working in a professional website development company? Then you must have heard about the HubSpot COS Development. Right now, HubSpot is one of the most popular platforms which is used by the many developers and designers around the world to build their website. In addition to giving the platform for building the website, HubSpot also provides you the facility to market your product, which is awesome.!

Before going into any details of Custom HubSpot COS Development, we need to know the basics of HubSpot and how it works. So, first things first, HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. In the recent times, Traditional Marketing has paved the way for Inbound Marketing and that’s where HubSpot is playing a major role as it gives the kind of exposure that you’re looking for as a marketer.

Now, if you are working as a website developer for a long time in the IT industry you must have worked with many CMSes (Content Management System) with WordPress being the most popular of all. Similarly, HubSpot provides you COS (Content Optimization System). The major difference between a CMS and a COS is that CMS always focuses on managing the content of the website while COS focuses on all the functionalities related to Digital Marketing. Therefore, COS has been a primary choice for all the B2B marketers and there is a  massive demand of  HubSpot COS Agency nowadays in the IT industry.

After reading the above section, you must have got an idea of what is HubSpot and how COS development takes place. But, the question that would be running through your mind is Why should I use HubSpot COS Templates for my website development or What are the core functionalities that this platform offers me from the marketing perspective? So, to answer your questions and resolve all your doubts we have prepared a list of benefits as well the drawbacks of HubSpot COS which will help you to understand the functionalities of HubSpot platform in a better way. So let’s analyze them one-by-one.

Benefits of HubSpot COS Development:-

[1.] Easy to Manage Interface:

If you’re a web designer, the first thing you will worry about is the interface that the platform provides to you, isn’t it? But if you’re a HubSpot COS Designer then you don’t need to worry about being able to adjust with the interface as HubSpot provides you an inline editor which is very easy to manage. With the help of that editor, you will be able to your own custom template without writing any piece of code as there is default facility of drag and drop in the tool.  So, you can quickly edit and create a website design according to your requirement, which is great.!

[2.] Privacy & Security:

Privacy and Security is the most important factor that any website design company would be worried about when they choose to shift to a new platform for web development. Suppose you’re converting your website from PSD to HubSpot, then you will be worried about your website data not getting lost. That’s where HubSpot rises above its competitors as it uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on all the websites to ensure security. In addition to this, HubSpot also implements the Firewall to ensure that the website stays away from any malicious threats or viruses. 

[3.] Mobile Optimization:

Nowadays, when the internet users are from the mobile and tablets rather than laptops and PCs, you need to make sure that your website is mobile optimized. As Google has announced last year, that it is working on the mobile-first index and therefore that site who are not optimized for mobile will lose visibility in the search engine for sure. That’s where HubSpot COS Web Designer enjoys the edge over others as HubSpot offers you the facility that your website, blogs or landing pages will automatically adjust to the screen size of the mobile.

[4.] Seamless Integration with HubSpot Marketing:

Consider a scenario where your company is looking for PSD to COS conversion in order to manage the website in a modern way. But what happens in other platforms is that it will convert your website into COS in a proper manner but after that, it will be very difficult to integrate that website with any Marketing Automation platform which is necessary. That’s where HubSpot is different as it not only provides you with development platform but also offers you the seamless integration with its own marketing platform which makes your job much easier.

[5.] Very Fast CDN:

Some of you may have heard about CDN but those who don’t know CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. It is a networking fundamental which is critical in deciding the loading time of your website which is very critical as far as the ranking and User-Experience (UX) are concerned. So, any Website Design Company should choose a platform which uses a fast CDN and that’s where HubSpot wins the race as it provides you the fastest CDN possible which ensures that you have high uptime for the website and super fast performance.

[6.] Suitable for the Company of All Size & Shape:

Sometimes what happens is when you choose a platform which manages your website development, there are some limitations in terms of the company size or shape that it can support. But HubSpot COS Platform is independent of all these things, whether your company is small, medium or large, you can choose this platform for your website design and development. In addition to that, HubSpot offers you great tools which makes it for any marketing department to track and measure the performance of their website or overall business.

[7.] Allows Sales & Marketing to Work Together:

If you’re an owner of the B2B company then you must be knowing that it’s very critical that Marketing and Sales department of any company should work together. Then and then only, the company will be able to achieve the desired results. Here, HubSpot plays an integral role in B2B business as it allows the owners to bring both sales and marketing on the same page. For that purpose, the HubSpot provides with the software that has the capability to integrate both the data i.e. using the marketing research data the sales team can make a lead generation.

[8.] Flexible Pricing:

Last but not the least is the pricing of the software as it is the most important factor on which you will decide whether to choose a platform for website development and marketing or not. Now, if you compare the price of PSD To HubSpot COS conversion with PSD to other COS, you will realize that HubSpot is the most economical platform for website development and marketing management. Generally, they offer you one-year contract in which they will give you the access to all the tools and they also provide flexibility in the package according to your requirement.

Drawbacks of HubSpot COS Development:-

[1.] Lock-In:

One of the major drawbacks of HubSpot is that all the website data gets locked into one single platform. So, you are always depended on one single source and if that fails, then there would be a huge trouble. Actually, if you analyze the HubSpot platform over the years, there has not been any case as such but this could be a potential chink in the armor. 

[2.] Need an Experienced HubSpot Designer/Developer:

Working in COS is a lot different than working in CMS and therefore you need specialists which have an experience of working on the HubSpot Platform. If you think I have great designer/developer in my team which is working for years, then you will struggle in this area. This is not a field for freshers, so make sure you have dedicated a team to HubSpot development. Today there are many HubSpot Development Company In India & USA who offer experienced HubSpot Certified Designer to design creative website templates.

[3.] Limited Plugins:

HubSpot is a great platform for website design and marketing management without a doubt. It offers you a great degree of customization according to your requirement. But, if you’re looking for ready-made plugins or library for working with this platform, think twice as there are very limited plugins available. So, make sure you check all the libraries before taking a final call.

[4.] No Control over Backup:

If you’re developing a website using any platform, you would surely want that there is an option of backup and recovery for sure because; there is a lot of data that goes into making a website and if there is any error, you don’t want to start from the scratch. Now, in the case of HubSpot, there is no guarantee of backup, you can manually export the content from COS but there is no facility of time-bound snapshots which can be really helpful in case of failure.

Summing Things...

After analyzing lots of articles and meeting with the industry experts, we have prepared a list of benefits as well as the major drawbacks of HubSpot COS Development. We hope that you will really like this article and it helps you be aware of the possibilities that come while working with HubSpot Platform. Thank You.!

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