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The Ultimate Catalog for PSD to HubSpot Migration that Every Developer Wants

Are you someone who is working on HubSpot COS Development? OR Are you an owner of an Inbound Marketing Agency? Then, you must have heard about HubSpot Migration. Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for HubSpot in the IT industry and therefore you must have seen many ads on the web regarding HubSpot COS Developer or HubSpot COS Designer.

Now, you may be wondering that why there is a lot of demand for HubSpot in the market and why a lot of people are interested in migrating their current website from PSD to HubSpot. Before going into details of all these things, you need to know the basics of HubSpot and what are features that make it so popular among the various businesses across the globe.

First thing first, HubSpot is basically an Inbound marketing and sales software which helps the various marketing agencies to grab the attention of visitors, increase the lead generation and generate more revenue. It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006 and in the last decade or so there is a huge demand for Hubspot COS Web Development in the market.

Till now, you must have seen that majority websites on the internet were based on any CMS (Content Management System), mostly on WordPress, which has established a trust factor among all the business owners. But, with the emergence of HubSpot Website Development In the concept of CMS has taken a back seat and the new concept of COS has come into the market.

There is a major difference in the way that a CMS and COS works and you need to understand that in order to under the process of PSD to HubSpot COS Development. While the CMS focuses on managing all the content of the website in an efficient manner, COS (Content Optimization System) provides you with all the tools for Digital Marketing process and that’s why it has become a first choice system for the B2B marketers.

Now, you must have got an idea of what is HubSpot and why HubSpot COS Development is preferred has been WordPress CMS Development in the recent times. But the question still remains is that what do you mean by HubSpot Migration and what are the services that HubSpot offers to you to as B2B marketers.

Basically, When you talk about any PSD to COS conversion which comes under the section of migration, it’s about creating current your website on the HubSpot platform using the HubSpot COS Templates and transferring your content as well as the look and feel of your website. Once the whole process is completed, you will get an almost equivalent copy of your existing website on the HubSpot platform.

Migration is such a difficult art which is performed by the experienced and skilled professionals and therefore you may have seen that many business owners usually don’t take the risk to migrate their website in their whole lifespan. But there are few HubSpot COS Certified Agency who will handle the whole migration process with utmost ease as they have skilled developer as a part of their professional team who are working on HubSpot for a long time.

Now, if you’re working as a developer or designer whose main task is to convert the PSD to HubSpot COS, then you must have an idea about how difficult the migration process is. Sometimes even the most experienced developers are stuck in this process and they can’t find a way forward. So, you can understand that how difficult this task is for the developers.

There is a saying that:

                                          “Every Problem Comes With A Solution.”

The same applies to the case of HubSpot Migration where to solve all your problems, I have decided to write this blog where I will provide you the ultimate catalog for the migration process which will make your task very easy. You just have to follow this list and you will never get into any kind of trouble while dealing with the migration process. So, let’s reveal the secrets of the catalog and understand the whole process.

[1.] Know Your Audience:-

As a developer whenever you’re dealing with any PSD to HubSpot Development, your primary goal is to know the audience of your client for which you’re developing the website in HubSpot. Knowing the audience is very critical as it will allow you to design your website in an appropriate manner. Suppose, your client is looking to build the website for real-estate, then your target audience should be the persons who are looking to buy a house in the near future.

[2.] Conduct a Research your Client:-

Now, after having the knowledge about who is the targeted audience, you will definitely have an idea about how to design a website that every person who visits the website gets attracted to it. If your client is looking to migrate its website from PSD to HubSpot then there must be some parts of the website he/she loves the most while other he/she wants to be improved. So, to know that details, it is very critical that you conduct a detailed research with your clients.

[3.] Create Buyer Personas:-

On the basis of the research you have conducted about the audience with your clients, it’s time to create different buyer personas according to the various types of people that you’re expecting to arrive on your website. A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. As a developer, buyer persona will help you to not only evaluate the needs of the audience but also allow you to think the unique solution for them which will benefit your customers.

[4.] Design the Home Page:-

After evaluating the need for your audience, you will get an idea of what are the customers expecting from you. Based on that analysis, you should design your homepage in such a manner that it answers all the question of theirs. As a developer, your homepage should be the starting point for grabbing the attention of your visitors which will allow you to be successful. There are many PSD to HubSpot COS Templates available by which you can design your homepage.

[5.] Make a Wireframe of Website:-

A wireframe is a blueprint of how your whole website is going to look like after the development process. It gives you the roadmap for the whole HubSpot Website Development process. Based on the whole analysis you have done regarding your targeted audience, your client’s requirement and buyer persona, it’s time to make a wireframe for your website which not only covers the whole funnel of the buyer but also allows to create a proper structure for your website.

[6.] Build Effective Template:-

So far, we have discussed all the things related to User Experience (UX). Now, after sorting all the things related to UX, it’s time to build an effective template for your website. For that purpose, the HubSpot platform provides you with Template Builder. Based on all your old website or the new wireframe that you just have created, design an attractive template for your website. You can design custom templates for each of your web pages as well.


[7.] Create Web Page:-

After building an effective template for each of your web pages, now it's time to create each of your web pages based on the templates that you have. That’s where the role of content specialist comes into the picture as for each web page you have to create new content or you have to take the content from the old website, if possible. You will be working in sandbox mode and not on the live website and therefore you will get a chance to preview all the content once.

[8.] Populate the Content:-

Once all the web page is created, you should populate all the web pages with content which includes images, videos, infographics, headers, title, smart content, CTA etc. After populating all the web pages with various form of content, preview each web page from the panel of the HubSpot platform which will give you a clear idea about how your web page will look in a live environment.

[9.] Show the Web Pages to Your Clients:-

Show the preview of each web page with your stakeholders or clients for that matter. Once you a get node from the clients, it’s time to go ahead and make a switch. Make sure that you don’t forget this step because once the migration process has been done, it will be very difficult for you as a developer to make any kind of change to the website, even if your client wants any changes. So, always discuss the preview of your website with your clients before the migration.

[10.] Make the Switch from PSD to HubSpot:-

Once you get an approval from the client about a preview of all the web pages, it’s time for the final frontier of the process where we will make a switch from PSD to HubSpot COS. Now, as a developer, when your website is ready, edit the DNS records and move the domain from your old platform to HubSpot. Depending upon the speed of the server, your own content will be populated in the new website and it will become live within a short period of time. Once the website is live, your migration process is completed.

Final Thoughts-:

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and it will help you know the ultimate catalog for PSD to HubSpot Migration process which will eventually help you as a developer in the future when you deal with this kind of scenario. Thank You.!

If you’re looking to Hire HubSpot COS Developer for building a new website or migrating your website from another platform, the don’t hesitate to contact us. We have an experienced team of HubSpot developers which will manage all your task.

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