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Everything You Need To Know About The New Sensation of HubSpot COS Platform | HubDB

Are you someone who is working as a HubSpot COS Developer in the IT field? OR Are you an owner of a HubSpot COS Web Development company? Then, you must have heard about HubDB, for sure. Today, HubDB is in huge demand in the industry and it is predicted by many industry experts around the world that, HubDB will open a whole new dimension for the HubSpot agencies. Therefore, it becomes important for all the developers around the world have a deep understanding of this concept and develop the necessary skill for that.

If you’re in the HubSpot COS Development Company for a long time, then you must have an idea that, every year the HubSpot trends changes and new tactics come into the market. What was a great trend that lent you massive success a year ago, might not even be relevant today and therefore as a HubSpot COS Designer, you need to be aware of all the latest innovations or technology that is coming into the market. If you are not able to adopt the latest changes, then you will be thrown out of the highly competitive market sooner rather than later. 

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Over the years, if you have analyzed the trends of any HubSpot COS Design, then you will know that they have evolved massively as the years have gone by. So, as a HubSpot COS Agency, you must analyze the trend of the market before making any strategy for your business, company or organization. Now, one of the trends that are gaining popularity nowadays in HubSpot is HubDB. If you’re currently working in the IT industry, then you must have heard about HubDB, for sure. Today, HubDB has become the new killer buzzword in the IT industry. 

Now, as a HubSpot COS Certified Agency, you know that latest trends are often not easy to know and if someone tells you about that, he/she may not be 100% trusted, as there is very little practical knowledge that is associated with that. If you’re in the industry for a while now, you must have seen whenever a new technology or trend emerge in the market, there is a lot of talk about it in the initial period. Experts start giving their opinion about it and the common people start believing it blindly without having the experience of using that particular technology. 

Due to this kind of scenario, there’s a lot of confusion among the people that what to believe and what to not. If you remember clearly, this kind of thing also happened when PSD to HubSpot COS migration trend become in the earlier years. The same is the case with HubDB in today’s time where most of the people don’t have an accurate idea of what is HubDB, how it works and what are the benefits of using it in HubSpot Website Design.

Now, Are you worried about how to know about HubDB in-depth? Then, don’t be so. Today, I’m going to discuss HubDB from start to finish which will ease out all your problems and make you aware of the new trend. So, why wait for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the thick of things and dissect HubDB. 

What is HubDB?  

HubDB is HubSpot’s new user-friendly database management tool which was launched in Nov 2016 by the HubSpot platform. The main aim was behind creating HubDB was to simplify all the procedure related to database management and provide the HubSpot Website Design company with a user-interface to manipulate the whole database management system. 

Unlike traditional databases, HubSpot COS Web Design provides the developer with an awesome UI which allows them to add, delete and modify the database using the standard drop-down menu, which is fantastic.! Due to this tool, now there's a chance for all the HubSpot companies to create a data-driven content, which is the need of the art without a doubt. 

In other words, HubDB is nothing but relational database management system for HubSpot Website Development in which the data is represented in terms of tables where there are multiple and rows and columns associated with it.  You can also compare it with a spreadsheet and therefore, it has become so popular among developers in such a short time span. 

Now, if you’re familiar with SQL tables and have a knowledge about HubL syntax, you will find very easy to work with HubDB, without a pinch of a doubt. Now, someone who has the worked on many HubSpot COS Templates will not find it very difficult to adopt the new template. Similarly, If you’ve worked with HubL in the past, HubDB will be a cakewalk for you. 

After reading the above section, you must have got an idea what is HubDB and how it works. But, the question that still remains is, how website on HubSpot with HubDB works differently from the website on HubSpot with Non-HubDB. So, let’s discuss it in detail in our next section. 

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HubSpot with HubDB vs HubSpot without HubDB:- 

[1.] As a developer, when you’re working with PSD to COS migration, you need to integrate many 3rd party tools and APIs in the normal scenario, where there is no HubDB. But, with HubDB, you don’t need to do any of this things. All the things are readily available to you. 

[2.] You need to have strong knowledge of database in order to work with HubSpot websites without HubDb, while in case of HubDb, you don’t need to have knowledge of database. 

[3.] If you’ve worked on any PSD to HubSpot COS Development, then you know that 1st thing you need to do to create a good database and that’s where you need to write a lot of queries in the normal scenario, where there is no HubDB. But, with HubDB, you can directly import the CSV file, which will automatically create the tables in the database. 

[4.] As far as the security is concerned, Non-HubDB websites needs to be secured by using the 3rd party plugins, while HubDB websites come with built-in security features. 

[5.] If you’re running a Custom HubSpot COS Development company, then you know that you have to deal with accessing lots of data. That’s where HubDB rises over Non-HubDB websites as it allows the developer to access the data in just matter of minutes.  

[6.] To insert images as a data, you need a plugin as far as the Non-HubDB websites are concerned, while in case of HubDB websites, you can directly drag and drop the images. 

[7.] You require database connectivity in order to work with Non-HubDB websites, while no don’t need database connectivity in order to work with HubDB websites. 

After reading the above section, you must have realized the technical aspects of HubDB websites and why they outscore everybody else in today’s time. But, still, there would be the question running through your head that, what are the benefits of using HubDB. So, let’s analyze that. 

Benefits Of Using HubDB:-

  • Easy to use and understand for any developer
  • Simplify the whole procedure of dealing with database
  • Allows the developer to reuse the data
  • Ability to sort and filtering the data 
  • Allows the integration with dynamic-server pages
  • Helps the developer in making a data-driven website
  • Facility of Content search and Personalization

Summing Things…

After reading thousands of blogs, analyzing hundreds of surveys and conducting the meeting with industry experts, I have made the most comprehensive guide about the new sensation of HubSpot COS Platform which is none other than HubDB. I hope that after reading this article, all your confusion regarding HubDB will be removed and it will help you all to be aware of the latest trends of HubSpot development which will eventually help you in the future. Thank You.!

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