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10 Ongoing Issues Of HubSpot COS Platform That Every User Wants To Be Resolved

Are you an owner of an Inbound Marketing Agency? OR Are you someone who is working in a Digital Marketing Agency? Then, you must have heard about the HubSpot. In the last few years, HubSpot COS Development has really shown the new dimension to the marketers around the globe to market their products. Actually, HubSpot is nothing but an inbound marketing agency which helps the businesses around the world to generate maximum revenue. 

Over the last decade or so, HubSpot COS Web Development has been in massive demand as far as the marketing industry is concerned. Today, when traditional marketing has made its way for a new dimension of marketing which we all know as a inbound marketing, every marketer is contacting various HubSpot COS Certified Agency in order to set up their website on HubSpot platform as HubSpot is a most reputed platform for inbound marketing and sales. 

Now, if you’re in the industry for a long time, then you must be knowing that whenever any new technology or platform comes into the market, it always comes with some distinct features and some limitations. The same applies to the case of HubSpot platform as over the years many HubSpot COS Developer have taken the advantage of its great features. But as many HubSpot COS Agency started using it more and more, they have found out some limitations of HubSpot. 

Over the last 4-5 years, HubSpot COS Templates has been a go-to choice for the many business owners, but with the usage, there have been some complaints or in in other words the issues of the HubSpot COS that come into the picture. As a HubSpot COS Designer who is working day-in and day-out on developing various websites, they must be aware of the limitations of the HubSpot platform as that will allow them to plan their development process in a better way. 

Now, If you’re working on the HubSpot COS Design for a long time, then must you know that there are some limitations that you want as a designer to be changed or rectify. Similarly, in the development as well as in the marketing, there are various issues that everyone should be aware of as it will allow to plan in a better manner for your PSD to HubSpot COS Development. 

So, Are you worried about not knowing the issues of the HubSpot COS Platform? Then, don’t be so. Today, I’m going to discuss the 10 issues of HubSpot that every user wants to be resolved. So, let’s analyze them one-by-one. 

Issue 1: Combining or Merging Forms:-

If you’re a developer who is working on PSD to COS Development for the HubSpot platform, you must have across various forms during the website development, isn’t it? Forms are part and parcel of any website development and there is always a need to combining or merging the forms to display the data to the users. Now, in the case of HubSpot, it is a major challenge for any developers as in HubSpot, if you merge any form, you will lose out all the data, which is bad. 

Issue 2: Tracking URLs in Bulk:-

This is another major issue that you have to face as a business owner if you’re looking for HubSpot Website Development. When you’re setting up your website for marketing your product on HubSpot, you obviously want to track all your marketing campaigns. For that purpose, there is the technology of UTM (Urchin Tracking Modules) that you need to integrate into your system. But, HubSpot has the facility to integrate UTM at this point, so URLs can’t be tracked. 

Issue 3: Filtering Results:-

As an owner of a successful company or business, if you’re planning for Custom HubSpot COS Development for your website, then think twice. The reason for that is, HubSpot platform doesn’t offer you the facility to filter out your marketing results. When you’re running a marketing campaign for your products, you want to analyze the visits and filter it out by country as it will help you to know your strongest market. But, HubSpot doesn’t have this facility right now.   

Issue 4: No Arrangement for Proper Reporting:-

One of the biggest drawbacks of the HubSpot platform. Suppose, you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to migrate its website from PSD to HubSpot COS with the expectations that HubSpot will offer you all the reporting capabilities. But, In contrast, HubSpot only allows you to watch the reports of the primary domain and not all the domain. In addition to that, if you change your primary domain for reviewing other data, all your previous data will be lost, which is crazy.!

Issue 5: No Facility Adding Contact Without Email:-

As a developer, you’re always looking to use HubSpot COS Website Templates as you know that it will set up each & every functionality for the business. But, when it comes to adding contacts, HubSpot platform has limitations. It only allows that contact to be added which has an email associated with it but sometimes the person just provides its phone number and not email id. In that case, HubSpot won’t allow you to add the data, which is harmful to any business. 

Issue 6: Capturing Recent Source of Conversion:-

This is a massive issue that has hurt many businesses around the world over the years. When you’re looking to migrate your website from PSD to COS, you will use HubSpot. Now, sometimes what happens in a marketing scenario, that any of your inactive contacts gets activated because of any Ads. In that case, you want the source of his/her recent conversion, but that’s where HubSpot fails as it doesn’t have any capabilities to track the details of any offline contact.  

Issue 7: Monthly Searches of Google Keyword Planner & HubSpot don’t Match:-

Now, as an owner of a successful company, when you go for Custom HubSpot COS Developer, you expect that the HubSpot will provide me accurate monthly searches as it the most important data which gives an idea to the marketers about the reach of the product. That’s where the problem starts, if you compare the searches of Google Keyword Planner with the searches of HubSpot, they miss match every time, which creates a confusion in the minds of the owners.  

Issue 8: No Support for Google AMP:-

If you have analyzed the recent web development trends, then you must have found out that Google AMP is one massive trend nowadays in the IT industry. AMP pages reduce the load on the server and improve the user-experience (UX) and therefore every business owner nowadays wants to implement AMP on their website. But, when the owners demand the same thing on the HubSpot platform, they get disappointed as so far HubSpot is not providing support for AMP. 

Issue 9: Mass Tweets with Images:-

In today’s time, where it has become very important for the businesses to have a social media presence, every business is looking for a platform which can manage the whole social media campaign in an effective manner. That’s where you think about HubSpot as it allows you to manage your social media campaign, but when it comes to uploading multiple tweets with images, HubSpot doesn’t provide the support. So far, only text tweets in bulk are allowed.  

Issue 10: File Upload from Google Drive:-

Nowadays, there is a vast amount of data that is produced by any business or company and to store all the important data in a computer system is not possible. Therefore, people have started to use Google Drive which not only provides you massive data storage capabilities but also helps you to establish a backup for your important files. Now, when you use HubSpot, you want to upload those files from the Google Drive, but HubSpot doesn’t allow this facility to the users. 

Summing Things…

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and it helps you get aware about all the issues that are related to the HubSpot COS platform which will eventually help you to plan in an effective manner when you’re looking to develop or migrate your website onto the HubSpot platform. Thank You.!

If you’re looking to Hire HubSpot Developer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a dedicated team for HubSpot COS Development which will help you to build your website in HubSpot, according to your requirements. In addition to that, we’re also providing the services of migrating your website to HubSpot Platform. 

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