Monday, March 19, 2018

7 Questions Every HubSpot COS Agency Should Ask Themselves For Successful Landing Page Strategy

Are you an owner of an Inbound Marketing Agency? OR Are you someone who is working as a developer in HubSpot COS Agency? Then, you must have an idea about the importance of landing page. A landing page allows all the business owners to attract the audience from various corner of the world and therefore, it becomes really important for you as a business owner to know about the concept of the landing page, without a pinch of a doubt. But, before understanding that how to design a good landing page, you should know the basics of it, for sure. 

Now, if you’re working in the HubSpot COS Web Development company for a long time, then you must have an experience of working with many projects of clients, where they demand the creation of great landing page. So, as a HubSpot COS Designer, it becomes vital for you to be aware of how to create a great landing page and the reason for that is, it is the landing page that brings a massive amount of traffic towards your website and every business owner wants this scenario for their website. Therefore, you will have to deal with the creation of landing page.

So, as a HubSpot COS Developer, you must be thinking that how can create a successful landing page for my clients or the customers for that matter which will help them to grow their business. Now, this the phase where everyone is caught off guard and the reason for that is, most of the HubSpot COS Development Agencies know the concept of a landing page, but when they go for the practical implementation of that, they deal with lots of complexity. The main reason for that is, there is no fix procedure or checklist that everyone can follow and be very successful. 

Now, if you’re working a HubSpot COS Design firm for a long time, then you must be knowing that creating a good landing page is very tough art. The reason for that, however good landing page you create for your client in terms of design, but if it doesn’t convert, your client won’t be happy with you, which obviously creates a huge issue. So, as a HubSpot COS Certified Agency, it becomes really crucial to have a workflow step or checklist for the landing page creation, which can be followed in any projects & which makes your job easier than ever before. 

Are you worried about how to know the checklist or questionnaire that helps you in the landing page creation? Do you really want to know? Then, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to ride a rollercoaster as I give you the list of 7 questions that will help you in successful landing page creation on the HubSpot platform. So, why wait for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the thick off the things and analyze each question one-by-one.  

[1.] What Are The Goals For Creating A Landing Page? 

This is the first and the most important question that you should ask yourself as a HubSpot Website Design Company. Before creating a landing page, you must know the purpose behind that. Just creating the landing page because everyone is doing doesn’t make any sense. Always identify the goals for which you’re creating the landing page, as it will set you on the right path, from where you will not fall behind anytime. So, discuss this point well in advance, for sure. 

[2.] Have You Defined SMART Goals For The Landing Page?

As you all know that, defining a goal is one thing, but defining a goal that helps you to set a good base for your future tasks on the landing page. That’s why your goals should be SMART and by SMART I mean, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. So, as a HubSpot Website Designer, you should always verify that, whether your goals are SMART or not. If they are not up to the right standards, you should reset your goals before going ahead in the process. 

[3.] Who Is The Target Audience For The Landing Page? 

If you’re working in a HubSpot Website Development company for a long time, then you must have an idea that, before creating a landing page, it is very important to find out the target audience. The target audience is the bunch of people whom you expect to visit your website most often and they can convert into your potential customers. So, if you know your target audience well in advance, then it will easier for you to design a landing page accordingly, without a doubt. 

[4.] Which Type Of Offer Should Be Created On The Landing Page? 

Now, this question is very crucial to the success of your landing page. Creating a landing page is one thing, but creating a landing page which provides great value to customers is another thing. This kind of thing matters the most when you’re migrating a website from PSD to HubSpot COS. The reason for that is, your client is moving his website to HubSpot for generating more revenue than earlier & that can only happen when you’ve placed a great offer on the landing page. 

[5.] Have You Defined A Proper CTA On The Landing Page? 

Once you’re done with defining goals and creating a great offer which will attract the client, you should focus on the CTA (Call-To-Action). As someone who is working in a company who is providing the PSD to HubSpot migration services, you should be aware of creating good CTA on the landing page. It is the CTA which opens the door for the customer interaction with your website & therefore, it’s critical that, your landing page should have a proper CTA, for sure. 

[6.] Does Your Landing Page Include Some Visual Elements? 

If you ask any developer who is working on the PSD to HubSpot Development about which is the most critical thing for a successful landing page, then he/she will definitely tell you that, you should always give emphasis on adding visual elements to your landing page. The reason for that is, every visitors that come to your website will not have the time to read every price of content and therefore if you have put some visual elements on your website, he/she will like it the most.

[7.] Does Your Landing Page Have A Good Form? 

The form is the first point of interaction as far your marketing funnel is concerned. The form is the first thing that the visitors will fill in order to contact you for the solution that you provide and therefore, it becomes really vital for every Custom HubSpot COS Designer to design a form which is easily scannable, which provides the assistance to the visitors and which has no validation issues. So, always make sure that you design a good form for your landing page. 

Final Thoughts...

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did while creating it for you people out there and it helps you all to beware about the questionnaire for the successful landing page strategy which will eventually help you in the future when you design a landing page on the HubSpot COS platform. Thank You.!

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