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6 Innovative Ways To Improve The PageSpeed Insights Score For HubSpot COS Website

Are you someone who is an owner of a HubSpot COS Agency? OR Are you someone who is working as a developer in a HubSpot COS Web Development company? Then, you must have an idea about how a HubSpot COS Website works, without a pinch of a doubt. Today, HubSpot platform is in huge demand in the market and every business owner is looking to his/her website on this wonderful platform. The reason for that is, HubSpot provides the business owners with a platform to market the business in an efficient and effective way, which is what everyone wants. 

Now, if you’re working as a programmer in a HubSpot COS Development organization, then you must have an idea that, today it’s not about creating a good website on the HubSpot platform. Only having your website on the HubSpot platform will not work, you also have to keep improving the speed of the website. The reason for that is, your Website PageSpeed Insights score directly impacts your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your SEO is not in a good place, then you will struggle to rank well, which then impacts the business, without a pinch of a doubt.

As the traditional marketing has paved the way for the digital marketing in the last decade or so, the importance of newer technology and tactics have increased significantly. Now, one of the techniques that got famous in the last few years is Inbound Marketing and the most useful platform for inbound marketing is HubSpot. Today, if you see in the IT industry, there’s a huge demand of HubSpot COS Developer as well as the HubSpot COS Designer. This tells you about the kind of impact HubSpot platform has created in the industry in such a short time span. 

If you’re working in the IT industry for a long time, you must have heard about HubSpot COS Design being the most effective in today’s digital era. Now, as the HubSpot COS has evolved over the years, more & more innovations have taken place on this platform. According to the requirements of the business owners across the globe, HubSpot has added many new features to ease out the problem at all. But, that decision has backfired in the last few years, as HubSpot COS Certified Agency is struggling to make a website which has a good PageSpeed score. 

As an IT organization who is providing the services of PSD to HubSpot COS migration, it becomes important for you to be aware of the ongoing issues with the HubSpot platform. The issue is of speed as well as the performance and that does impact your website ranking, which then impacts the overall business. Now, if you look this issue from the client’s perspective, then you will realize the kind of impact it has created on their daily sales and if that is the case, the client won’t be happy. So, you need to address this issue while making the HubSpot Website Design.

Now, Are you worried about how to solve this issue? Then, don’t be so. Today, I’m going to give a list of 10 innovative ways which will definitely help you to improve the PageSpeed InSight score for the HubSpot COS Website. So, why wait for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the thick of things and analyze each way one-by-one. 

[1.] Remove Javascript And CSS From Above The Fold Content:- 

Now, if you’re a designer who is working on the PSD to COS migration process, then this the most important tip that you will ever get from anyone. Always place all the javascript files in the footer of the website, never place it above the fold. If you do it successfully, it will save your loading time of the website, which automatically improves the PageSpeed Insights score. In addition to that, you should defer non-critical CSS by using “rel=preload” in the external link. 

[2.] Always Enable Compression On Your HubSpot Website:- 

Nowadays, if you’re working in a HubSpot COS Web Design company, then they will surely tell you that, you should always enable the compression in the HubSpot COS, without a pinch of a doubt. For all the HubSpot hosted resources, this step is taken care automatically by the HubSpot platform. But, if you’re hosting any third-party resources like CSS or Javascript, then you consider moving them to HubSpot’s file manager folder, which reduces the load on the website. 

[3.] Always Avoid Using The Landing Page Redirects:- 

This is one of the most critical aspects that you should always remember for increasing the score of Google PageSpeed Insights, for sure. As a developer, when you’re dealing with the HubSpot COS Templates, you always have to deal with landing page redirects, without a pinch of a doubt. Now, when you change the URL of the page, then redirect will load both the link before loading the original page, which takes a while. So, always avoid using this kind of redirects. 

[4.] Always Use Optimized Images On The HubSpot COS Website:- 

Unoptimized images are the root cause for the slow loading of the website. As you know that, when you’re dealing with any HubSpot Website Development, you have to deal with lots of images, without a doubt. Now, you know that the more images on the website, the more time it will take to load. Therefore, you should always use optimized images on the HubSpot platform, as it takes less time to load. For that purpose, you can use ImageOptim or FileOptimizer tool. 

[5.] Make Sure You Leverage The Browser Caching:- 

Browser Caching is one of the most effective website related paradigm that you should always utilize for the HubSpot COS Website. Browser Caching stores the web pages that used often by the user, which obviously saves the time, as cache memory is very fast compared to other forms of memory. So, as a developer who is working on the PSD to HubSpot migration process, always leverage browser caching mechanism for your website, as it will boost the website speed.

[6.] Minify CSS, HTML & Javascript On The HubSpot Website:- 

Now, if you ask any Custom HubSpot COS Developer that what are the 3 major components of any website development, then he/she will always mention about HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They are also known as the building blocks of website development process. Now, the problem with all these components is that they take a lot of time to load, but they should be used on the website. So, the solution is to minify HTML, CSS & JS, which obviously reduce loading time. 

Closing Thoughts…

After reading thousands of blogs, analyzing hundreds of surveys and conducting the meeting with industry experts, I have made a list of 6 innovative ways which will definitely help you to all improve the PageSpeed Insights score for the HubSpot website. I hope that after reading this article, all your confusion regarding how to improve the PageSpeed score of HubSpot website will be removed and it will help you all to be aware of innovative ways to improve the PageSpeed score. Thank You.!

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